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The futuristic gardening concept uses advanced hydroponics method to grow plants inside the home. The Grass Lamp is built from light PVC plastic material and has a built-in lamp that provides light needed for the growth of the plants. By using hydroponic indoor garden, you can grow plants inside your home without any mess. The Grass Lamp is portable and you can use it anywhere inside the home such as living room, kitchen, bedroom etc.


Jan to July 2020

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Using hydroponic technology, this unique, luminescent structure can support up to 40 different micro-greens, without any soil or fertilizer. Simply spray your greens with water a few times a day, and your vegetation will blossom in about two weeks.

In addition to providing enjoyment, cat grass benefits your kitty’s life by helping her digestive system. The grass contains folic acid, a vitamin that aids the bloodstream (and is commonly found in human breakfast cereal that includes the same grain mixture).

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