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Inspired by the planet Saturn, the second largest planet after Jupiter, Marko Vuckovic, an industrial designer, has come up with Saturn watch. Instead of typical boring traditional watch with 3 needles to represent second, minute, and hour hand, this time, the watch doesn’t need any needle to tell the time. This watch has been crafted in simple yet elegant manner. Like any other timepiece, this watch has 12 digits placed on it. The base is encased with two disks with perforated holes crafted on them. These disks turn around in a clockwise manner in which the holes on the disk plates will inform you about the time of the day.


January to June 2018

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Case Study

The Saturn Watch represents an obvious nod to celestial inspiration in form and function, a minimalist timepiece designed to narrow focus into a singular focal point. Though the hour at hand is immediately obvious, demarcating the minutes might prove a tad more challenging

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If you consider what most analog chronographs look like, they offer an open view of every second of the day, and what's intriguing about this object is the way it narrows your focus.

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Instead of seeing the position of every minute, this wall clock blocks out the dial of the device, and with two small holes cut into two revolving discs, the timepiece displays two single sets of numbers that show you the exact time.

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